Different views of the world. 

I was leaning against the bus window, hand on my forehead. We were stationary at the time, and I happened to notice the white line in the road had a kink in it. 

I realised my arm was obstructing my view, so my brain filled in the image for me. The two halves of the image didn’t quite match up.  

I then noticed the roads were different shades of grey.  I realised each eye was seeing a different colour and further experimentation revealed my right eye was dominant.  

My left eye was seeing the colours slightly washed out, my right eye was showing a deeper hue. Thinking about it, I realise that when I turn the light out, my right eye feels like it’s gone blind. I always put this down to the lamp being on my right, now I realise my left eye has better night vision. 

Of course I googled and discovered I was not alone.

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