Please stand aside

By paranoidnotandroid (Crowded Train) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsI have ranted about this before, my fellow passengers are totally unaware of what is occurring.

On the bus for example, if I am on the window seat and I arrive at my stop, I say excuse me to the passenger sitting next to me. They will stand up and move towards the front of the bus to make room. But they are still in my way! They just had to step towards the back and I would have access to the exit door.

This morning as we pulled into the train station, I collected my luggage from the rack. The passengers around me didn’t move, not even sitting in my seat. There was room for others to manoeuvre, but instead I ended up awkwardly clutching my bag and coat to my chest as the train came to a halt. ¬†Even when the doors opened, I still had to struggle and barge my way through these immobile numpties.

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