Way out west day 3

Saltash TravelodgeLeft 10:52

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Gweek seal sanctuaryArrived 12:36

Gweek seal sanctuary (2h 44m)

Today was my visit to Gweek where I was personally greeted by the membership secretary who asked if I received my Christmas card. I complained it wasn’t water stained and smelling of fish.

I spent the day at Gweek and then went onto Penzance for dinner,

Gweek seal sanctuaryLeft 15:20

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PenzanceArrived 15:54

Penzance (0h 40m)

I stopped at the retail park on the outskirts, next door to the Scilly isles heliport. After killing a bit of time wandering around B&Q, and smelling the aviation fuel, I went and had a three piece variety meal at KFC.

PenzanceLeft 16:34

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Hayle TravelodgeArrived 17:30

Hayle Travelodge

I had a bit of trouble locating the Travelodge where I was staying. I knew I was at the correct roundabout but I could not see the Travelodge as I approached. The time was 15:48 when I first hit the roundabout and looking back now, I can see I actually chose the correct exit on my first attempt.

My excuse was that the brightly lit Premier Inn on the right hand side of the road, distracted me from the poorly lit Travelodge on the left, which was hidden well away from the road, behind a deserted Little Chef. I turned around in the car park, went back to the roundabout and took the next turning. This went onto a factory estate, so another U turn and back to the roundabout. The next turning was the one I had arrived on, unfortunately being the A30, it was 3 miles before I could turn back.

The next exit took me into the town of Hayle. After realising that this was wrong, I looked for a right turn so I could double back on myself. Unfortunately being dark, I had not realised I was driving along the coast road, and any right turns would have taken me into the ocean. Eventually I did get to turn again and back to the roundabout.

The final exit on the roundabout was the continuation of the A30. Thankfully as I turned off the roundabout, the Travelodge appear in sight. Unfortunately again, it was the wrong side of the road and I had to travel four miles before the next roundabout.

Finally, I turned off the roundabout, the very same exit as my first attempt. Even though I knew where the Travelodge was, it was not easy to find the road that led to it as it was really dark, and obscured by the lights from the Premier Inn. In all it took 40 minutes and 18 miles to find the Travelodge from the Roundabout where it is sited!

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