Way out west day 2

AmesburyLeft 10:21

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Old SarumArrived 10:34

Old Sarum (1h 43m)

First visit on the agenda today was Old Sarum, which was the early version of Salisbury. Originally an iron age hill fort, utilised by the Romans, Saxons and Normans who built the first Salisbury cathedral in this location.

Old SarumLeft 12:17

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Old Wardour CastleArrived 13:01

Old Wardour Castle (0h 44m)

Next on my list was Old Wardour Castle. Unfortunately, once again, I had not double checked the opening times and found myself in an empty car park looking at locked gates. I wandered around outside for half an hour, but could not find anywhere that would at least offer a view of the castle.

Due to lack of Internet the previous night, I had no other locations to visit so I had to head for my next Travelodge. I also forgot to switch on my SatNav for the first 15 minutes.

Old Wardour CastleLeft 13:45

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Saltash TravelodgeArrived 16:02

Saltash Travelodge

I had a bit of trouble booking into the Travelodge as I could not remember my vehicle registration. The lady said “don’t worry, what is its make and colour”. That also stumped me and when I went back to the car later, I discovered that I had given her the wrong answer! At least my Internet connection worked from this location.

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