Way out west day 1

Another trip mainly to see my seals down in Cornwall, via special offer Travelodges

To be honest, I am writing this particular trip diary two years after the event and I cannot remember why I left home so late in the day. Anyway, I arrived at my first destination without incident.

EastbourneLeft 15:09

[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/2008-12-16.gpx”]
Amesbury TravelodgeArrived 17:57

Amesbury Travelodge

Priority one upon arrival at any destination is to establish communications. At the time of booking the rooms, I also purchased a WiFi voucher which would allow me Internet access. I could not get it to work.

I left it whilst I had dinner at the conveniently located Little Chef, and tried again upon my return to no avail. So I had to ring support, who informed me that their main technicians go home at 5pm. The nice man left behind advised the basic stuff such as “turn of IPv6” admittedly a bit more advanced than the usual “delete all your cookies”, but in the end he gave up.

I tried my own diagnostics as I happened to have a packet sniffer installed at the time. My impression was that their proxy server was misbehaving, although I could see someone else on the network collecting their Email using POP3 protocol with its unencrypted passwords. A useful lesson on how unsecure a public network can be!

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