What was the first car you drove? (by Formspring)

My first driving lessons were in a Datsun Sunny, driving around the streets of Croydon. A lot of time was spent in Warlingham, where my instructor lived, and coincidentally an area I later got to know well.

Before I could take a test, I had moved to the South coast. Whilst waiting for a date, I started lessons with my second instructor, again in a Datsun Sunny.

My Croydon tests kept being cancelled due to snow. I had a mixup with my instructor, who failed to show up for a lesson. He knew I had a test (which was cancelled) and I think I was supposed to confirm to him that I still wanted the lesson.

By this time, I had cancelled with the Croydon area testing centre, and now I did not have an instructor. I actually gave up driving for about a year.

I eventually took up driving again with a third instructor driving a Fiat Uno, driving around the streets of Hastings.

My first test was a disaster. I failed within minutes when nerves just caused me to blank out. At which point the examiner slammed on the brakes to stop me going through a red light. To make it worse, the red light was a pelican crossing.

The second test went well, except for the moment I drove across a zebra crossing, and realised there was someone standing on it. I remember looking as I approached, but I just didn't see him.

I finally passed on my third attempt. The only incident was that as we drove away from the centre, we saw one of the others having their test walking back to the centre.

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