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WordPress has a basic system to allow posts via Email, it is very limited and the only attempt at keeping it secure is to advise using a strange Email address with random characters. Once you send your Email, you then have to go to the website and run the script to download it! (Admittedly, you can put the command on a page which causes the next reader to do that for you).

The help pages offer a solution though, use the plugin called Postie.

I installed Postie. First problem was that to benefit from all its features I had to install php-imap. Thats a aptitude install php5-imap command if you have that sort of access to your apache (Debian) server.

Once I had fill in the configuration page, it was time for testing. I sent an Email, and clicked the manual test button. It failed – An unauthorised Email address. As part of the configuration, you can set up a list of valid Email contributors. However, my list of contributors included the unauthorised address.

Even after cut and pasting, and making sure I had a carriage return at the end of the address, with no extraneous spaces, I was still getting the Email rejected. At this point, I selected the option “Allow all Emails to post”. Again, the post failed due to an unauthorised Email address.

It was then I saw the problem. Postie had a default setting for poster user name of “admin”. My administrator account had a different name, admin did not exist. I changed the name to my administrator and it worked.

In conclusion, make sure Postie has a valid user name for posting, otherwise you will be getting a misleading error message.

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