Wales & Cornwall – Day 1

Location Arrived Duration Departed
Eastbourne     16:00
Rickmansworth 17:52    

I left my garage door open for the whole afternoon, hoping that people would assume that I was able to leave, and therefore not park in front of it. Did it work…..No. I was just about to knock on every door around the Close, when luckily the owner turned up and drove away.

I thought I was going to have a bad day when as soon as I got got onto the main road, my TrafficMaster announced that there were delays, but I made my B&B in the alloted time.

Then the first disaster happened. My room did not have a telly. Ironically, I have just loaded DigiGuide onto my Laptop, which is basically a computerised TV times, so I always know whats on when I go travelling.

After the Landlady told me not to stay out late, and not to make any noise on my return, I went and saw Voulez Vous at the Watersmeet Theatre, Rickmansworth. Pity about the bloke next to me singing like a loony.

Eastbourne to Ricksmanworth at EveryTrail

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