Swaffham, Norfolk

A47 Westbound

This is the location of an ex-Little Chef building. My last known visit was in December 1999.

November 2008 – Hollywood Legends

September 2012 – Hollywood Legends

October 2018 – Heathside Cafe & Grill

August 2021 – Heathside Cafe & Grill

I thought I had been to this Little Chef a few times, but my records show only two visits. It suffered by being only on one side of a dual carriageway. The problem was exacerbated by the lack of roundabouts beyond the restaurant, so it was not easy to get to if you were heading East. It may have originally been a single carriageway. I know some Little Chefs suffered when roads were upgraded or places were bypassed.

As a result, it was an early Little Chef to close when the downturn came. The site was used afterwards by various independent diners and is currently an Avanti Grille and truck stop having opened in early 2022.