Ilminster, Somerset

A393 / A358 Roundabout

This is the location of an ex-Little Chef building. My last known visit was in March 2000.

January 2009 – Little Chef

August 2011 – Little Chef with fancier logo

July 2017 – Little Chef & Burger King

July 2019 – Burger King only

June 2021 – Burger King & Greggs

This was just a single visit Little Chef for me. This Little Chef survived the 2007 closures and sometime around 2011 was given a new look with a fancier branding. I believe this was the “Wonderfully British” revamp.

2017 was the year Little Chef finally disappeared. Although the signs were removed, the Little Chef name can still be seen in the marks left behind until a complete makeover around 2020, when Greggs moved in alongside Burger King.