Where is Croydon?

I was travelling on a train with an amusing conductor making announcements. One of which mention that Sutton was the Jewel of Surrey. Although being born in Sutton, I grew up in Croydon and took exception to Croydon not being the jewel.

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Then some bloke sent me a tweet.

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Yes, that is true. Since 1965, Croydon has officially been within the registration district of Greater London.  Although, “which county” is a vague term and could refer to traditional counties, governmental areas, registration districts, if someone says Croydon is in Greater London, then whatever criteria was being used, Sutton would also be defined as being in Greater London.

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His response

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No idea what he was on about!   My birth certificate (Sutton & Cheam) says Surrey, my address in Croydon was Croydon, Surrey.  Like I said, whatever criteria you choose to locate Croydon, will also put Sutton in the same place.

I nearly got involved in a long drawn out argument with the man, but then my train arrived at its destination.



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