Jim will paint it

“Jim will paint it” is someone I follow on Facebook.You can see the real me among the 408K followers. People send in requests and he creates a cartoon.

Obviously only the best requests get a picture, but they are really inventive and surreal.

Dear Jim, please paint me The Alien Queen, back off maternity leave and bollocking everyone for not using Dropbox properly.

Can you paint Jedward as a pair of Centaurs having a feeble slap-fight in front of Mount Fuji while some aliens abduct a chaffinch?

Could you draw Columbo playing a Sega Game Gear while a drunken Magnum PI cuddles his knee please? TheRealMcGack (via Twitter)

Todays one really tickled me.

Hi Jim. Could you paint a depressed, alcoholic horse losing his shit and thumping the barman for making a crack about his long face? Cheers, Kissin George

Personification of a classic joke, and he even gets the Englishman, Scotsman and Irishman in there.

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