Another game of pool

Further to my adventures on my pool app, I had a interesting situation earlier today.

My opponent was solid, I was stripes. The black ball lodged itself right on the edge of a pocket. For the sake of anyone who does not know pool, at this stage of the game, if someone pots the black ball, he loses. Somehow, my opponents last ball ended up right beside it, and of my striped balls was touching it. If anyone touched one of those balls, the black ball would fall into the pocket and game over.

The game continued with my opponent continually tapping the ball away from danger incurring a foul stroke each time. I used the foul strokes to pot the rest of my balls, until just the three balls remained grouped around the pocket.

It would be funny to say that the game is still being played and no one daring to attempt to get their ball out of the danger zone. Unfortunately, I got bored and just did a gigantic whack, hoping for a lucky bounce. I lost!

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