Vinegar – such a useful product

By paulshannon (07-05-18)Today I thought I would research vinegar. I immediately stumbled upon 131 uses for vinegar. One of them Deodorize a wool sweater made me think “wouldn’t that make your jumper smell like a fish and chip shop?

The next site I found 1001 uses for white distilled vinegar.

Vinegar is amazing, astounding, and in some cases just plain fun.

Ummm, right okay! There are some useful suggestions. Not too sure I want to take a tablespoon of vinegar to cure my hiccups though.

Another site, Great uses for vinegar. What happened to putting vinegar on chips. Everyone is using vinegar as a tool. The author has spent over 5 years researching the properties and usefulness of vinegar gathering tips for our personal use. Good for him.

At last, a site that addresses vinegar as a food product. Salt & Vinegar An interesting idea. Create a review site for something you like or need then wait for the free samples to arrive for you to review.

Finally, a site that provides a vinegar recipe – Making Vinegar at HomeTurn sour old wine into a beautiful holiday gift At last some answers, I now understand what vinegar is….

The word vinegar comes from the Latin root of Vinum (Wine) and Acer (Sharp,Sour,Pungent). It is made by allowing the fermentation of wine to continue, turning the alcohol (ethanol) into acetic acid. I will cover alcohol production another day.

C2H5OH + O2  CH3COOH + H2O

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