Another day, another Ray 1

Left a little later than planned as I left my packing to the literally last minute.
EastbourneLeft 10:18

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Little Chef (Fontwell)Arrived 11:21

Little Chef (Fontwell) (0h 43m)

First stop was the Little Chef at Fontwell. Although they advertise free WiFi, I could not connect as it seems as it only applies to O2 customers.

My Smartnav unit did well. There was an accident on the M27 which caused a queue stretching back a few miles. Kerry took me off the junction before, and put me back afterwards. There were motorway notices warning of delays ahead, but without Kerry I would not have known if it was bad enough to avoid.

Little Chef (Fontwell)Left 12:04

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TolpuddleArrived 14:05

Tolpuddle (1h 5m)

If I was to mention Tolpuddle, I bet everyone will say “martyrs” but who knows what the Tolpuddle martyrs are all about?

In 1834, a group of six villagers from the village of Tolpuddle were arrested and charged with taking an illegal oath. Having been found guilty, they were transported to Australia. Following large scale protests, they martyrs were given a pardon and returned to England.

There is a museum at Tolpuddle, although in reality it is just a room full of wall hangings telling the story.

TolpuddleLeft 15:10

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Saltash servicesArrived 17:34

Saltash services (0h 48m)

I pulled into the nearby Lidl to buy some batteries, then across to the little Chef

Saltash servicesLeft 18:22

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Premier Inn (Canons Gate, Truro)Arrived 19:26

Premier Inn (Canons Gate, Truro)

Finally, a very long drive into Cornwall. The receptionist told me off for being late for dinner, but I pointed out that my dinner booking was for tomorrow evening.

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