Google indexing


Handy tip for the day: Google search has a “Site:” parameter, to use this type in “” and it will show you all the pages it has indexed for that website. This is handy if you want to see how big a website is, the BBC website for example contains over 25 millions pages!

Google rules

Another thing it is handy for is to see if you have violated the rules of Google. If a search for your domain comes up with no result, then you have been naughty!

I mentioned in a previous post that I had become disillusioned with domain parking. I did not mention that the final straw was when the parking company blocked my one of my dodgy domains. They would not tell me why. So, I created my own page for my dodgy domain – an amusing play on words – nothing offensive. I was bored!

Site reconsideration

I waited and waited for it to appear on Google, but never did. Eventually, I discovered site reconsideration.

Apparently, Google penalise the websites who attempt sneaky means in order to up their ratings. My webmaster tools have found some evidence of spurious links via Bulletin Boards in the past, so I have applied for reconsideration. Watch this space…….

Update 20th December 2010

I had a message via Webmaster tools “We’ve now reviewed your site.“. I had seen my site start to appear a few days before, so I cannot be sure if there ever was a problem, or if Google have stopped the blocking. The main thing is that I am back on Google.

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