Again my organisational skills came to the fore as I delayed my start by half an hour trying to find my Sussex Past membership card. I failed, but I did find a previous years.

My first stop was at Fontwell Little Chef. I ignored my SatNav which wanted me to turn off at the junction before the Little Chef. After parking my car I discovered that my Garmin Geko, the unit that records my track, was waiting for a response. It was having trouble locking onto satellites and needed to know something or other. The result was that no track had been recorded for the first leg of the journey. I thought about turning around and starting again, but decided breakfast was the better option.

Fontwell LCLeft 12:41

[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/2010-11-25-a.gpx”]

Fishbourne PalaceArrived 13:02

Fishbourne Palace (1h 34m)

I arrived at Fishbourne and owing to my lack of membership card I announced “I am a fully paid up member, do you believe me”? They let me in.

Nothing much had changed in the last 2000 years, or indeed since the excavations I took part in back in 2002. I was a bit disappointed to find that there was nothing mentioned of the dig, although my picture still appears on some of their leaflets.

It was very cold and provided a good example of how the Romans made the mistake of building Mediterranean style housing in England. Scorch marks on the mosaics show how they had to have braziers burning to keep warm.

Fishbourne PalaceLeft 14:36

[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/2010-11-25-b.gpx”]

EastbourneArrived 15:58


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