Winter conditions day 1

Threatened by wintry conditions, I decided to chance the trip to Cornwall to see my seals. The first part of the journey I did come across some patches of sleet but I continued nevertheless.

EastbourneLeft 9:14

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West Knoyle ServicesArrived 12:07

West Knoyle Services (1h 6m)

A traditional stop at a Little Chef

West Knoyle ServicesLeft 13:13

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Haynes Motor MusuemArrived 13:41

Haynes Motor Musuem (2h 7m)

I visited the Haynes Motor museum. A museum I kept seeing on leaflets and now finally making the visit. A good place to visit if you like cars, personally I would have preferred all the exhibits to have had their bonnets up.

Haynes Motor MusuemLeft 15:48

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LiskeardArrived 18:31


I stopped that night at a Premier Inn in Liskeard, the first time I have been tempted by a Premier inn special offer. I had a bit of trouble finding it, my SatNav delivered me to a retail car park, but no sign of the Premier Inn. After driving around for a while, I did eventually find it. Later I discovered that it had only recently been built. Looking at the latest satellite pictures, they show fields where I was staying.

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