Gardening leave day 7

At breakfast this morning I crashed into the table leg, spilling milk and orange juice all over the table cloth. I had my mouth full when the waitress asked me if I wanted a cooked breakfast, so I just indicate with a nod. I then realised that baked beans were being served, so I had to make a quick change to my order now I had swallowed my bran flakes.

Then I left for home, but forgetting to enable my GPS for the first few miles.

TauntonLeft 9:22

[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/2009-06-21.gpx”]
EastbourneArrived 13:41


My route took me past Stonehenge, on Summer solstice day. The crowds had dispersed by the time I drove by. I had a further hold up later due to the annual London to Brighton bike ride.

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