Gardening leave day 5

Managed to reverse out the drive this morning. I had planned to do some woods, but could not find any with parking. So instead randomly plumped for Bude as a stop.

St KeverneLeft 9:57

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BudeArrived 12:49

Bude (1h 41m)

Nothing exciting in Bude, apart from the canal. The beach was strange, covered in this yellow-brown grainy stuff.

BudeLeft 14:30

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ClovellyArrived 15:14


Just to kill a bit of time, I stopped at Clovelly hoping to take some pictures. I found that the price to get into the village was £5.75 so I did not bother.

ClovellyLeft ?

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BarnstapleArrived ?


Arrived in Barnstaple, discovered the SatNav gets a bit confused in towns when there are lots of turns and you are in a queue of traffic.  She says turn left, but does she mean the road immediately on the left, or has she assumed you have just driven by that one and preparing you for the next?  Found myself going up a narrow road, with only enough width for one car, but everyone else was coming towards me. They were all glaring at me, but I am sure it wasn’t a one way.I eventually stopped in a side road, and looked for the hotel on foot.

Once found, I discovered the car park was unsigned and perched on the edge of a river.Went into town for dinner, fish & chips and ate it properly with fork and knife inside the restaurant. Spotted Dick for pudding. After dinner, I went to the theatre and saw Caberet with Wayne Sleep and Samantha Barks.

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