Gardening leave day 3

I managed to get away on time, despite staying up until 1am. First part of the journey went well, apart from when I followed a lorry, instead of listening to the SatNav. Kerry handled it well and took me on a little tour of the village, before finally putting back on course.

EastbourneLeft 6:07

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Winterbourne AbbasArrived 9:29

Winterbourne Abbas (0h 43m)

The Little Chef breakfast was uneventful apart from spraying coffee everywhere when I depressed the plunger on the cafetiere.

Winterbourne AbbasLeft 10:12

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Compton CastleArrived 11:47

Compton Castle (1h 7m)

Compton castle,  if you remember, I last visited on  23rd May 2001. That time it was shut, I had not checked the opening times. Wise from my experience, it was open when I arrived, although the car park was full, so I had to use the overflow car park nearby.

Compton castle, built by the Sir Humphrey Gilbert, half brother of Sir Walter Raleigh. Amongst their armorial collection was one shield with three shovellers (ducks) – that is my ancestors shield. It was a struggle, but I eventually got it back.

Compton CastleLeft 12:54

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SaltashArrived 13:55

Saltash (0h 51m)

Onwards, stopping at another Little Chef at Saltash, where I ordered another cafetiere. Obviously, word had got around at the waiter bought me a mug of coffee instead.

SaltashLeft 14:46

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St KeverneArrived 17:07

St Keverne

Found the B&B without any difficulty, I had been here before. I had to squeeze my car onto the driveway, and I am parked inches from a two foot drop – so watch this space!

Spent the rest of the evening trying to get Internet access. My new toy is a USB Vodafone GPRS modem, unfortunately there is no Vodafone signal.  As I am a skilled networking specialist, I also bought a T-Mobile stick. That one works, although I had to wait until after midnight before the signal improved.

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