Lodge village day 1

EastbourneLeft 9:17

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Thame Little ChefArrived 11:36

Thame Little Chef (0h 39m)

First stop was the traditional breakfast at Little Chef

Thame Little ChefLeft 12:15

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Aston RowantArrived 12:33

Aston Rowant (1h 49m)

Red Kite spotting at nearby Aston Rowant nature reserve. I had to wash my feet due to another foot and mouth outbreak.

Watched an amazing sight of a weather front coming in from a distance. The cloud rolling in from far away and I could actually see it travelling towards me. I just made it back to my car before it hit me.

Aston RowantLeft 14:22

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M40 Warwick ServicesArrived 15:05

M40 Warwick Services (1h 26m)


M40 Warwick ServicesLeft 16:31

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M6 Norton Canes ServicesArrived 17:15

M6 Norton Canes Services (0h 8m)

Comfort break.

M6 Norton Canes ServicesLeft 17:23

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Llanrhaeadr-ym-MochnantArrived 18:47


Finally onto Wales.

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