Norfolk records day 3

We spent the day in Norwich, at the Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library, which as we discovered is where the newspaper microfilms are located. All we found was family-wise was a marriage announcement. Also of interest was that there was a national lottery being run in the 1800’s – tickets available in your local newsagent.

Norwich Records OfficeLeft 17:15

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Fen DittonArrived 18:28

Fen Ditton (1h 13m)

The previous evening I found some food places on the net, and we randomly selected one of these to visit on the way home. On the way, we realised we had no idea where we were going, and that we were just relying on the Sat Nav to get us there. Even when we arrived, we did not really know where in the country we were.

Later investigation revealed the pub to be Ancient Shepherds, Fen Ditton on the outskirts of Cambridge and I mention it as a recommendation.

Fen DittonLeft 19:41

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EastbourneArrived 22:16


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