Norfolk records day 2

Great MoultonLeft 8:51

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Norwich Records OfficeArrived 9:30

Norwich Records Office (7h 17m)

Today was spent mainly at the records office. There was a major council meeting going on, so we had to use the overflow car park. Ironically, the first hour was spent researching great aunts who had moved to Eastbourne.

Norwich Records OfficeLeft 16:47

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Stratton St. MichaelArrived 17:12

Stratton St. Michael (0h 13m)

On the way back to the B&B, we stopped at the church to visit my 3xGreat-Grandfathers grave. It had deteriorated over the last ten years and is now difficult to read.

Stratton St. MichaelLeft 17:25

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Great MoultonArrived 17:40

Great Moulton

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